Rudy Lopez Jr - Musician


Started playing Bass Guitar in the 1960's after watching some guy named Paul McCartney play some funky looking violin shaped thing.

Four decades later, I'm still trying to perfect a style that hasn't been figured out yet.  

I currently play with the classic rock band called  THIEF out of the West Covina, CA area. Over the past 20 years in this band, disciplined music was developed.  The songs had to be right, and the vocals, especially the harmonies, had to be dead on before it made prime time.  I carry that approach to performing to this day.

I am available for subbing and stand-ins covering the music styles of Rock, Old School, Disco, Country, Latin, Salsa, Jazz, Top 40 and more.  I sing background, harmonies and lead vocals.

Visit my references page for artists that I have had the pleasure of working with on stage.

Rudy Lopez Jr


Chino Hills, CA
(San Bernardino County)


[email protected]


626 482-4246